Our Mission:

The Integrated Quantum Initiative (IQI) aims to connect MIT Lincoln Laboratory to the Boston area research community to advance quantum science and technology.

IQI is a program that funds local university students to perform some, or all, of their graduate work at Lincoln Laboratory. The students in the IQI are jointly advised by research staff at Lincoln Laboratory and faculty at the students’ own institutions. The IQI also has monthly meetings alternating between gathering at MIT and at Lincoln Laboratory. During these meetings, students and others in the quantum technology community discuss their research.

Upcoming Talk

Chris McNally

31 May 2017


MIT Campus


Chris McNally 2:15-3:45PM 31 May 2017 MIT Campus

Research Areas


The Integrated Quantum Initiative community consists of undergraduate and PhD students and postdocs from research universities in or around the Boston metropolitan area, their faculty advisors, and researchers at Lincoln Laboratory. IQI projects are collaborations between these community members with the aim to advance technologies that utilize quantum information processing techniques.

Department acronym definitions:
  • EECS: Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, NSE: Nuclear Science and Engineering, RLE: Research Laboratory of Electronics
IQI Students and Postdocs
  • Scott Alsid (MIT, NSE)
  • Hannah Clevenson (MIT, EECS)
  • Erik Eisenach (MIT, EECS)
  • Catherine Lee (MIT, EECS)
  • Jon Olson, PhD (Harvard, Chemistry)
  • Rich Rines (MIT, Physics)
  • Greg Steinbrecher (MIT, EECS)
  • Jules Stuart (MIT, Physics)
  • Gavin West (MIT, EECS)
Lincoln Laboratory Staff
  • John Barry
  • Danielle Braje
  • Colin Bruzewicz
  • John Chiaverini
  • P. Ben Dixon
  • Matthew Grein
  • Andrew (Jamie) Kerman
  • Robert McConnell
  • Chris McNally
  • Ryan Murphy
  • Kevin Obenland
  • Michael O’Keeffe
  • Margaret Pavlovich
  • Linh Pham
  • Jeremy Sage
Academic faculty advisors
  • Alan Aspuru-Guzik (Harvard, Chemistry)
  • Paola Cappellaro (MIT, NSE)
  • Isaac Chuang (MIT, Physics and EECS)
  • Dirk Englund (MIT, EECS)
  • Rajeev Ram (MIT, EECS)
  • Jeffrey Shapiro (MIT, EECS and MIT Lincoln Laboratory)
  • Franco N. C. Wong (MIT, RLE)

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Find Out More

Please contact us if you are interested in getting involved with the IQI or want more information about the Initiative and our work.

We are actively looking for Massachusetts-area students and postdocs in the quantum fields related to our current portfolio who may be interested in collaborating with Lincoln Laboratory staff. Although U.S. citizenship is required to work at the Laboratory, it is not required to work with the IQI.